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– If upon the opening of the ballot box as ordered by the Commission under Sections 234, 235 and 236, hereof, it should appear that there are evidence or signs of alternative, tampering or violation of the integrity of the ballots, the Commission shall not recount the ballots however shall forthwith seal the ballot field and order its safekeeping. Supervision and control over board of canvassers. – The Commission shall have direct management and supervision over the board of canvassers.Any member of the board of canvassers might, at any time, be relieved for trigger and substituted motu proprio by the Commission. The Commission shall promulgate guidelines for the speedy and protected supply of the election returns. [newline]Immediately upon the accomplishment of the election returns, every copy thereof shall be sealed within the presence of the watchers and the general public, and placed in the proper envelope, which shall likewise be sealed and distributed as herein supplied. Other watchers.

Soliciting or receiving contributions from overseas sources. – It shall be unlawful for any individual, together with a political party or public or private entity to solicit or receive, immediately or indirectly, any assist

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or contribution of no matter type or nature from any overseas nationwide, government or entity for the needs of influencing the results of the election. The foregoing enumerated acts if carried out for the aim of enhancing the possibilities of aspirants for nomination for candidacy to a public workplace by a political get together, aggroupment, or coalition of parties shall not be considered as election marketing campaign or partisan election activity. The board of election tellers shall supervise and conduct the election of their respective polling locations, depend the votes and thereafter prepare a report in triplicate on a kind prescribed by the Commission.

Applicants who have utilized by way of the USTAR could now not apply through submission of international credentials. The USTAR shall be thought of for processing of application. An applicant will need to have completed thirteen years of basic schooling or are completing their 13thyear to be eligible to use at UST.

Any chairman of the board of canvassers who fails to provide due discover of the date, time and place of the meeting of mentioned board to the candidates, political parties and/or members of the board. Any one who, with out authorized authority, destroys, substitutes or takes away from the possession of these having authorized custody thereof, or from the place where they are legally deposited, any election type or document or ballot box which contains official ballots or other documents used in the election. At the start of the aforementioned period, the barangay chairman, municipal mayor, city mayor, provincial governor, or any appointing authority shall submit to the Commission a whole listing of all special policemen, particular brokers, confidential agents or persons performing related functions in the employ of their respective political subdivisions, with such particulars because the Commission may require. Appointment or use of special policemen, special agents, confidential agents or the like.

It may motu proprio or upon written petition, and after due discover and listening to, order the partial or whole suspension of the proclamation of any candidate-elect or annual partially or totally any proclamation, if one has been made, because the proof shall warrant in accordance with the succeeding sections. In case of calamity or fortuitous event such as fireplace, flood, storm, or other related calamities which may actually cause injury to the ballot bins and/or their contents, the Commission may authorize the opening of mentioned ballot bins to salvage the ballots and other contents by putting them in different ballot packing containers, taking such other precautionary measures as could additionally be necessary to preserve such paperwork. Any vote cast in favor of a candidate who has been disqualified by last judgment shall be thought of as stray and shall not be counted nevertheless it shall not invalidate the ballot. Circles, crosses or traces put on the areas on which the voter has not voted shall be thought-about as signs to indicate his desistance from voting and shall not invalidate the ballot. Any vote containing initials solely or which is illegible or which doesn't sufficiently determine the candidate for whom it's supposed shall be considered as a stray vote however shall not invalidate the entire ballot.

Any one that, without authority, transfers the placement of a polling place. Any person who reveals the contents of the ballot of an illiterate or disabled voter whom he assisted in preparing a ballot. Any one who uses the voter’s affidavit of another for the aim of voting, whether or not or not he really succeeds in voting. No cost shall be made within 5 days before the date of election to laborers who've rendered companies in initiatives or works except those falling beneath subparagraphs , , , and , of this paragraph. The heads of all response forces, strike forces, or comparable forces shall, not later than forty-five days before the election, submit to the Commission a complete list of all members thereof with such particulars because the Commission could require. Organization or maintenance of reaction forces, strike forces, or other related forces.

– Except in barangay elections, such expenses as could additionally be necessary and affordable in connection with the elections, referenda, plebiscites and other similar exercises shall be paid by the Commission. In case of deficiency, the amount so provided shall be augmented

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from the special actions funds in the general appropriations act and from these particularly appropriated for the purpose in special legal guidelines. Postponement of election.

Distribution of official ballots and election returns. When certificate of canvass is incomplete or bears erasures or alterations. – When the certificate of canvass, duly certified by the board of canvassers of every province, city or district in Metropolitan Manila and transmitted to the Speaker of the Batasang Pambansa, as provided within the Constitution, seems to be incomplete, the Speaker shall require the board of canvassers concerned to transmit to his workplace, by private supply, the election returns from polling locations that weren't included within the certificate of canvass and supporting statements. Said election returns shall be submitted by private delivery to the Speaker within two days from receipt of notice. For this purpose, the Speaker shall require the Commission to ship its copies of the election returns to the Batasang Pambansa.

In the presence of all of the members of the board of election inspectors, he shall affix his thumbmark on the corresponding house in the coupon, and deliver the folded ballot to the chairman. The chairman and the two get together members of the board of election inspectors shall retain in their possession their respective keys to the padlocks through the voting. Temporary designation of members of the board of election inspectors by watchers. – If at the time the board of election inspectors should meet, all of the positions within the board of election inspectors are vacant, or if not one of many appointed members shall seem, the watchers present could designate voters of the polling place to act in the place of stated members until the absentees shall appear or the vacancies are crammed. There shall even be, if attainable, guard rails separating the desk of the board of election inspectors from the voters waiting for their turn to forged their votes, with entrance and exit to provide them orderly access to the table and the cubicles through the voting.

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